Genetics of PFIC and Its Subtypes

2020 Educational Webinar Series

Dr. Richard Thompson is a Professor of Molecular Hepatology at the Institute for Liver Studies, Kings College London and Consultant Pediatric Hepatologist, at Kings College Hospital. He will discuss the complex topic of the genetics of PFIC, including the various subtypes and why they are each so unique. Dr. Thompson will also dive into some of the barriers behind genetic testing and why PFIC is so difficult to treat. He will then give us a quick look at what has been recently discovered in the genetics of PFIC.

This session is moderated by PFIC Network Executive Director and Co-founder, Emily Ventura, RN.

For more information about PFIC genetics and subtypes, please visit our PFIC Genetics page, PFIC Types & Subtypes page or check out this article from our PFIC Research Library.