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PFIC Network Advisory Committees

The PFIC Network is a community-led and community driven organization. All of our programs and initiatives are born out of the minds and hearts of passionate PFIC patients, families, and caregivers. Pave the way towards a cure with us by participating on one of our PFIC Network advisory committees:

Community Advisory Council

The PFIC Network Community Advisory Council (CAC) is a group of volunteers who are dedicated to helping the PFIC Network stay in touch with the needs of the community. 

During CAC meetings, members:

  • Express their personal struggles with PFIC and related diseases to find solutions and support with the PFIC Network. 
  • Provide feedback to help inform and build PFIC  Network programs.
  • Collaborate on projects with other community members (e.g. Rare Disease Day theme, Scientific Conference Roundtable themes, brochures, etc.). 

Council Leadership:

photo of advisory committee leader Lisa Crompton standing with a man, two girls and two bulldogs.
Lisa Crompton

Join us!

The Community Advisory Council meets via Zoom as needed and also collaborates through email, depending on the nature of the current project. If you would like to join the Council and be added to the contact list for upcoming meetings, please contact

International PFIC Research & Registry Review Committee (IRRRC) 

Excited to participate in the direct facilitation of PFIC research? Join the IRRRC!

PFIC Network’s International PFIC Research & Registry Review Committee  consists of patient-community members from around the world who are tasked with reviewing scientific collaboration requests and research proposals involving the PFIC Network Patient Registry. 

IRRRC members are also responsible for:

  • Designing and defining the patient registry to produce meaningful data that truly represents the PFIC community’s needs, and 
  • Reviewing proposals in response to our own Funding Opportunities (research grants). 

If you join the IRRRC, you will receive training from PFIC Network on how to evaluate research and registry proposals impartially according to predetermined criteria. This training will help you learn how to weigh the benefits and burdens for the PFIC community in an unbiased manner.

IRRRC Leadership:

Emily Ventura

If you are a PFIC patient or caregiver and would like to participate in the IRRRC, please contact