Supporting the the PFIC Network with a donation is a great way to help us operationalize our mission. In 2019 we raised $80,432.52 for PFIC specific programs.

Your support in 2019 allowed us to:

  • Co-Host the first ever PFIC family conference at the ALGSA Scientific Symposium
  • Sponsor 22 families to attend PFIC family conference where they could meet the world’s leading doctors, researchers and Industry leaders in PFIC, not to mention each other
  • Sponsor 12 PFIC Awareness Day Fundraisers
  • Represent PFIC at 4 major Scientific and Advocacy related meetings (Children Network, Global Genes, AASLD and at Capitol Hill)
  • Launch new peer support programs including PFIC PALS and the Teen Ambassador Program
  • Kickstart our new website with a goal to increase education and disease awareness