Global Affiliate Scholarship  

Global Affiliate Scholarship  

PFIC patients and families exist around the world. Locally embedded advocates understand their PFIC community’s country-specific needs, and are therefore optimally positioned to communicate with and provide relevant resources for the patients and families in their home countries. We encourage these international advocates to register with PFIC Network as Global Affiliates so we can support and amplify their local efforts. With this Global Affiliate Scholarship ($1,000 USD maximum) we aim to equip these patient leaders with the resources they need to have a positive impact in their home countries.

Examples of possible scholarship use:

  • In-person, regional PFIC community  meetings and networking events
  • Travel stipends for conferences involving subject matter pertaining to PFIC and related diseases, hepatology, rare disease, and patient advocacy
  • Travel stipends for advocacy visits to government offices
  • Fees associated with registering for formal/legal charity status 
  • Local PFIC affiliate website creation 

Have an idea you don’t see here? Please contact us! We are open to funding a variety of patient education and advocacy related projects.

Who can apply?
A PFIC community member who has proven dedication to the PFIC Network and its mission. Priority will be given to applicants who are current registered PFIC Network Global Affiliates or who are working towards Affiliate status.

Funding Cycles

The Fall 2023 funding cycle is closed. Stay tuned for future funding cycle dates and deadlines.

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