Board of Directors

Interested in guiding the future of PFIC Network?
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We are now accepting applications for new members to join our Board of Directors.

What is the Board of Directors?

While PFIC Network’s staff conduct the day to day operation and activities of the organization, our Board of Directors plays a vital role by providing oversight to staff, guiding strategic direction, determining organizational priorities  and supporting fundraising and development activities.

Members are volunteers who are committed to furthering PFIC Network’s mission to improve the lives of patients and families worldwide affected by PFIC.  Board members are typically elected to 2 year terms.

Who Should Apply?

  • Supporters who would like to use their leadership, healthcare, business, financial, marketing, legal or nonprofit management skills to further the PFIC Network mission.
  • PFIC patients, family members or caregivers who are interested in taking a leadership role within the PFIC community

Primary Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Attend monthly Zoom board meetings
  • Read agendas, reports and informational materials prior to attending meetings
  • Participate in discussion, debate and other collaborative decision-making processes
  • Actively participate in fundraising activities, including using personal and professional contacts and cultivating relationships with existing or prospective PFIC Network donors
  • Attend major PFIC Network events whenever possible or practical
  • Review and approve the annual budget, financial reports, and major business decisions
  • Review and evaluate PFIC Network’s impact, effectiveness and program performance
  • Act as an ambassador for PFIC Network and behave in a manner that reflects the values of the organization

Read Full Board Responsibilities and Expectations

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