PFIC Financial Assistance Program

graphic of two helping hands with the pfic network logo and the words "PFIC network financial assistance program. Apply today!"

Program Overview

The PFIC Financial Assistance Program helps offset costs that may occur due to the burden of illness that PFIC can place on a family’s daily life. The cost of being a patient with a chronic illness can be consuming, even more so for a rare chronic illness. The need for financial assistance is essential to allow families to overcome these burdens.

The Financial Assistance Program will accept applications from any person who is currently receiving treatment for PFIC, as well as any parent, guardian or caregiver of a child who is currently receiving treatment for PFIC. Dependents of a person who is currently receiving treatment for PFIC are also eligible to submit an application. The amount of financial assistance granted will depend on severity of need and available funds at time of application. Awards will not exceed $1000 USD. 

Examples of Expenses that can be covered:

  • Home: Rent/mortgage or Utilities (ex. electric, water, etc.)
  • Vehicle: Car payments or car insurance
  • Medical: Medical expenses not covered by insurance (including genetic testing, vitamin supplementation and travel expenses related to doctor’s appointments)
  • Education: Tuition payment, books, tutor payments, etc.

The PFIC Network will accept applications throughout the year, as funds are available. Applications can be submitted at any time, but will be evaluated on a monthly basis. Applicants will be notified of application status- “approved” or “reapply”- by the 15th of the month following the application submission. (For example: an application received in March will hear of status by April 15). Please note, due to partnership constraints and compliance with country specific regulations, an application that is submitted from outside of the United States may take up to an additional 60 days before approval of funds.

To be considered for financial assistance, the applicant must have:

  • Submitted a completed Financial Assistance Program Application
  • A confirmed PFIC or related disease (including BRIC) diagnosis
  • A signed Program Terms and Conditions (See Program “Terms and Conditions”)
  • An explanation of specific financial need

Additional information regarding application process:

  • A detailed description of need is highly recommended. Your description of need helps PFIC Network assess the level of need among applicants.
  • You may apply as many times as needed throughout the year.  However, PFIC Network will award assistance a maximum of one (1) time per calendar year per family.
  • The PFIC Network will ONLY make payments directly to third party service providers, not to the family directly. (Ex: For assistance with an electric bill, PFIC Network will make the payment directly to the electric company).
  • The third-party bill(s) MUST be provided, if approved, before any assistance will be provided.
  • Applicants cannot request assistance for emergency services, including utility cut off notices.
  • The PFIC Network Board of Directors provides the final approval for all financial assistance awards on a case by case basis.

Notes for International Applicants:

  • The PFIC Financial Assistance Program is available to UK applicants thanks to a wonderful ongoing partnership with the Children Liver Disease Foundation (CLDF). For more information or for an application, please email
  • For tax compliance and legal reasons, PFIC Network will not award funds directly. PFIC Network will instead work through a partner organization or a PFIC Network affiliate who has a contract in place to release the funds. It may take additional time to disburse an award when there is not an existing partnership in the applicant’s country.