(2024) Assessment & Communication of Risk in Gene Therapy

Assessment and Communication of Risk in Gene Therapy

2024 PFIC Family & Scientific Conference Session

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Dr. Thompson specialises in paediatric liver disease. In particular he is interested in genetic disease, both in children and adults. His group have identified several disease genes, and have established important genotype/phenotype correlations. He is the Clinical Lead for the Liver Molecular Genetics service and Professor of Molecular Hepatology at King’s College London.  

Dr. Thompson also serves on the PFIC Network Medical Advisory Board

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Dr. Lorenzo D’Antiga is a pediatric hepatologist and gastroenterologist working in Italy. He trained as a pediatrician at the University of Padua and as a pediatric Hepatologist in the United Kingdom, at King’s College Hospital London. He has worked as Consultant Gastroenterologist and Hepatologist as well as pediatric Intensivist, specializing in organ failure and transplantation. Dr. Antiga is a member of the Italian Society of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Pediatric Nutrition (SIGENP), of the General Assembly of the United European Gastroenterology Federation (UEGF), of the board of directors of the European society ESPGHAN and of the teaching committee of the United European Gastroenterology Society. He is a reviewer of the following journals : The Lancet, American Journal of Transplantation, Transplantation, Journal of Hepatology, Journal of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition and Pediatric Transplantation.

This presentation opened the Patient-Researcher Roundtable Discussion “The Benefits and Risks of PFIC Clinical Research” at the 2024 PFIC Family & Scientific Conference . It begins with opening remarks by Dr. Richard Thompson and concludes with a presentation by Dr. Lorenzo D’Antiga about the assessment and communication of risk in gene therapy clinical trials. The session aims to engage the PFIC community in defining the benefits and risks of clinical trial participation and discussing the relative risk tolerance of the community regarding potential future therapies.

This presentation was recorded at the 2024 PFIC Family & Scientific Conference hosted in partnership with Cincinnati Childrens Hospital. Find out more about PFIC Network Conferences!