Care Package Program

Send a care package to a progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis (PFIC) patient or caregiver to show your support.

Often times, members of the PFIC community may need a little pick me up. Whether it relates to spending time in the hospital, getting ready for surgery, dealing with the horrendous itch, or simply receiving a new diagnosis of PFIC and feeling lost, sometimes a reminder that you are loved and supported and not alone on the PFIC journey is needed. We may not always be able to provide all the answers or ease all the burdens of living with a chronic disease, but we can try to brighten a moment of your day. We are all in this together and no PFIC patient should feel like they are fighting alone.

PFIC patients and parents or caretakers of PFIC patients are eligible to receive a free care package sent on your behalf from PFIC Network. Work with our team to send a custom package to a patient, caregiver or family member who is fighting through the PFIC journey. Packages typically contain one of our custom PFIC Network “Itching For a Cure” stuffed animals.

Fill out the form below and our team at the PFIC Network will take care of the rest. Delivery times may vary based on where the care package is being sent, but most packages ship within a week. There is also an option to send a package and remain anonymous to the recipient.

If you are a patient, family member or caretaker in need of additional support, please check out our group and 1:1 support sessions.

Click the button below to send a free PFIC care package.

Available #ItchingForACure Bear Options
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Photos from Care Packages previously sent