Care Package for Child


This program aims to identify patients or caregivers who may need additional emotional support during tough times. Funds are set aside to send care packages to those who could use extra support. Examples of such times could be on initial diagnosis, during a hospitalization, waiting for a liver transplant or a tired family coping with an itchy child. Anyone can nominate a patient or family for the Care Program. Parent Ambassadors, Board members and volunteers will coordinate with the person who nominates to put together and send a care package with a value of less than or equal to $50 USD. Care packages can be sent to a person in any country, but must be sent by a member of the PFIC Network.

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Many times children with PFIC may need lots of extra snuggles. Work with our team to send a personalized worry bear or other personal gift to help take all troubles away. Hand picked by the children who run our PFIC Pals program.