Phone Tree Sign-Up

What is the Phone Tree?

The phone tree is a tool for us to use as a community to notify each other of issues, advocacy opportunities, and engagement opportunities as they arise. The phone tree starts with the PFIC Network phone tree manager, who oversees the phone tree and is the one who begins “calling” other volunteers who have joined. A “call”  can be as simple as an email or direct message, or a direct phone call when appropriate.

Before you start

Decide on Role:  Before joining the phone tree, you  must decide whether you would like to be a “branch” or a “leaf”,  and then sign-up accordingly. 

Contact Assignment: Once you have signed up, you will be assigned certain people to contact (when the phone tree is activated) based on similarities in time zone and availability. 

Be Ready for Phone Tree Activation: When the phone tree is activated, you will be contacted by the Tree Manager or a Branch Volunteer. They will inform you about a new issue or engagement opportunity.  Then, if you are a: 

  • Branch – you will contact and share the information to the other branches and leaves you’ve been assigned to within two days of receiving the message. 
  • Leaf – you are not expected to contact anyone. 

Mode of contact: Phone call, email, or direct message.