PFIC Awareness Day

Itching For a Cure: October 5, 2020

PFIC Awareness Day

The mission of the PFIC Network is to improve the lives of patients and families all over the world with PFIC. We support research programs, provide educational materials, match families for peer support, and participate in advocacy opportunities.

Our second annual PFIC Awareness Day is quickly becoming the highlight of the year for our organization. We have a generous sponsor who has stepped up to match all donations made during PFIC Awareness Day. With their support, we hope to raise $20,000 so that we can quickly turn it into $40,000! These funds will guarantee the full operation of our advocacy and peer support programs for the entire next year, so we need your help!

This year our PFIC awareness day hashtag is #itchingforacure. As we come together as a community to support those who itch we will plant seeds that will leave impact for years to come. By supporting PFIC Awareness Day, YOU are improving the lives of PFIC patients and families all over the world.

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Ways to help us reach our fundraising goal

All Donations until through October 5 are matched 1:1 AND receive a free piece of #itchingforacure logo gear as a thank you!

Please note your size, color, style and shipping address with your inquiry!

Fundraising T-Shirt, Color
Color T-Shirt, $35 each
Grayscale T-Shirt, $25 each

A HUGE thank you to all those who supported our t-shirt fundraiser! With your help, we exceeded our goal by selling 130 shirts!


Change your Profile Picture

  1. Go to Facebook Profile Picture
  2. Add Frame
  3. Search for “PFIC Awareness Day”
  4. Add Frame
  5. Boom. You are now raising awareness for PFIC!

Coming soon, shareable infographic for digital support. This infographic will be available FOR ALL TO SHARE ON OCTOBER 5!