By donating the the PFIC Network, YOU are a vital part in driving our mission forward. YOU are helping the organization operate, and in turn YOU are providing peer support, raising awareness, educating and advocating for our community, and participating in research opportunities. Unrestricted funds help us allocate resources where they are needed most. Thank you for giving hope to our rare community.

“A disease may be rare, but hope should not be”

Our Impact

Help us build our community.

In 2019 we made personal connections. Now we are listening to the needs of our community and creating programs to directly support those needs. Visit to view how your contribution supports our program development.

Your support in 2019 allowed us to:

  • Co-Host the first ever PFIC family conference at the ALGSA Scientific Symposium
  • Sponsor 22 families to attend PFIC family conference where they could meet the world’s leading doctors, researchers and Industry leaders in PFIC, not to mention each other
  • Sponsor 12 PFIC Awareness Day Fundraisers
  • Represent PFIC at 4 major Scientific and Advocacy related meetings (Children Network, Global Genes, AASLD and at Capitol Hill)
  • Launch new peer support programs including PFIC PALS and the Teen Ambassador Program
  • Kickstart our new website with a goal to increase education and disease awareness

PFIC Network is recognized as a public charity under Internal Revenue Code section 509(a) and has 501(c)(3) status. Donations to PFIC Network are deductible. Donors should consult their tax advisors for questions regarding deductibility. The PFIC Network EIN is 83-1084501.