Kayli Renee

Kayli Renee was born in Dec 2004. She seemed very healthy at birth with just a little jaudice. By 2 months, she was still jaudice so her doctor got worried something was wrong. We were sent to many different types of doctors to find a diagnosis. Other than the jaudice, the only symption she had was itching her ears.

Finally after 4 months, we meet with a liver specialist who wanted to do a biopsy. On June 27, 2005, Kayli was diagnosed with PFIC Type 2. I had no idea what this was, as no one in our family had ever had a liver disease. I got on the web and just typed in PFIC.org and got this web site. Robin had just set it up only a few weeks before.

Since the diagnosis, Kayli has been on Rafampin (for itching), Ursoldol (for common liver diseases), Polyvisol, Vitamin K,E, and D. She has been on them for over a year now, and seems to be doing well for now. She still itches all the time and is jaudice whenever she is sick or doesn't feel well. We see her specialist every 2 months for bloodwork to check the progression.

Kayli is always smiling and talking up a storm. She loves her baby dolls, playing outside, and wearing her high heels. We love her so much, and we know we have a long road ahead of us.

She is such a sweet little girl.....

Kari & Brad

Parents to Kayli